How to Test your Workflow

Learn how to test your workflow after building it. AI system has determined and written all steps and prompts, which may need adjustments.

After you’ve built your workflow the next step is to test it.  On this initial test keep in mind that at this point all the steps and prompts for each step has been determined and written by our AI system.  This will more than likely need to be updated before your workflow is ready for primetime.

After your workflow is done building you will see a screen that looks like this.  You will want to click the light purple “test” button on the top-left the workflow screen.

The right sidebar will change to show you the inputs as well as the “Test Workflow” button:

Simply paste/type in your inputs and click the “Test Workflow” button. Your workflow will start running and you’ll see a screen that looks like this:

Upon completion of running (run length can vary on complexity and lengths of inputs and outputs for each step of the workflow), you will see the outputs for each step in the workflow:

At this stage you are ready to review the outputs and fine-tune the workflow.