What is a Workflow?

Learn how to use Workflows to automate your content at scale with Generative AI.

Workflow vs Chat

Learn the differences between Copy.ai's two main interfaces, Chat and Workflows.

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Anatomy of a Workflow

Learn how to optimize workflows by understanding the three main elements: Inputs, Actions, and Outputs.

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Scaling your Content Creation With Workflows

Learn how Workflows can boost your content production scale significantly.

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Leveraging Workflows through API and Zapier Integrations

Discover how Workflow's AI-powered automation, using API integration and Zapier, streamlines content creation.

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Using Workflow Forms for Internal and External AI Workflows

Learn how to integrate AI into your workflows with "Magic Forms," designed for easy structuring of AI-driven processes.

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What are Actions?

Learn how Workflow Actions, key elements in automation, boost workflow operations.

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