Workflow vs Chat

Learn the differences between's two main interfaces, Chat and Workflows. offers two main interfaces for generating content: Chat and Workflows. The Chat product is an AI system that interacts with users, answering queries and creating content based on user requests. This product is designed to be a more user-friendly and interactive tool for individual content generation needs.

The Workflows product goes a step further, aimed at dealing with large-scale tasks. This tool is capable of automating tasks from beginning to end with the help of a robust API. It also integrates an advanced method called prompt chaining, which helps in creating more complex content.

To summarize the differences: The Chat product is designed primarily for individual users seeking user-friendly and interactive content generation. In contrast, Workflows is more suitable for organization-level tasks, accommodating large-scale content creation and automation of tasks. Both have been designed with efficiency and accuracy in mind and aim to cater to a broad spectrum of content generation requirements.